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From Potential to Success


Hosted by H.E president Paul Kagame and organized in collaboration with UNDP and UNCTAD, the 2017 YouthConnekt Africa Summit took place on 19-21 July 2017 in Kigali,Rwanda. Under the theme From Potential to Success.

The event attracted thousands of delegates including government leaders, Executives from multinational companies that operate in Africa. leaders of civil society organizations, Africa development partners. Members of the academia, successful young entrepreneurs, artists and youth opinion leaders from across the continent. Jack Ma CEO of Alibaba Group, and UNCTAD special Adviser on young Entrepreneurs also attended the event.


7079 delegates have registered, 3121 among them have been accredited 66% of them are male and 34% female

2231 delegates were coming from 90 international countries

Our Goals

  • Jobs & entrepreneurship Create 10 million jobs by 2020 in sustainable job environments in emerging industries.

  • Education / Skills Create 25 million opportunities through training & enrolment in workplaces.

  • Civic participation & Leadership Identify, nurture & grow 1 million leaders that provide solutions, participate in advocacy & become role models in their communities.

  • Gender Develop sustainable initiatives & policies that reduce gender inequality in education, jobs, technology & leadership.

  • Technology & Innovation From the Hub of Hubs that connects all incubation hubs across the continent to give access to markets, innovation friendly capital from partners and partnership opportunities with peers across the continent. Nurture 5,000 digital ambassadors in each country to collectively help connect & digitally empower 100,000,000 Africans allowing skills to be transfered to their local comminities.

Achieving Our Goals

  • Policies We will embark on bridging the gap between the different nations by bringing together government leaders & policy in uencers implementing youth policies to share knowledge & ideas that can assist others in achieving their own goals for their youth.

  • Programs We will identify existing programs aligned to YouthConnekt goals and facilitate a platform to work together to achieve our common goals. These programs will further assist in measuring, monitoring & maintaining successful initiatives aligned to YouthConnekt objectives.

  • Partnerships We will seek partnerships with private sector, government institutions & NGOs that will be responsible for helping deliver programs, bringing other partners on board, innovating & providing solutions for implementation challenges.